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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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of right now -- [ foghorn sound effect ] >> oh!! there it is! >> i so love you guys. i really do. one more time. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> we are socked in at the coast with stratus in the foreground, no airport delays. temperatures 53 degrees in santa rosa. 60 san jose. and today, cooler. in fact, look at these temperatures. significantly cooler in our inland areas in the low to mid- 80s. otherwise, 60s at the seashore with partial clearing in pacifica. 60s and 70s line the rim of the bay today. average high in san francisco 70. today we'll check in at 67. the fog and its development and the effect on your weekend, i'll have the full forecast at 5:18. but right now, i have to tell you, this woman deserves a day off! she has been so busy all week. it's been busy in traffic but my heart goes out to the commuters because they were the ones that really had to deal with those delays. all right. let's take it to 880. this is just south of hesperian
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and we are tracking an accident south of here but it's not causing slowdowns. right now we are tracking a travel time of 21 minutes between 238 and 237. the crash southbound 880 right near "a" street and as you can see speeds are in the green in both directions. chp remains on the scene. let's take it to 580. headlights moving westbound and this is approaching 680. we have a 26-minute ride not too bad for the start your friday morning commute. and we'll take it over to the bay bridge toll plaza where we are starting to see a backup especially in the cash lanes. speeds remain in the green across the upper deck, 10 minutes from the maze to 101. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys. new this morning, fire crews are keeping an eye on hot spots after a home in redwood city shot up in flames. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the scene with the latest. reporter: you just have to take a look behind me to see how charred up this house got here in redwood city. some police and fire crews remain on scene this morning because they are worried this
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fire may flare back up. the flames from this fire were quite something despite only being one alarm. the call came in about 10:30 here on crompton road. no one was home at the time. to add to the firefighters' challenge, it seems that a live power line came down in the back of the house. still, they were able to get this fire under control in about an hour. the redwood city and woodside fire departments did a good job of keeping the fire from spreading to nearby homes. a few roads in the neighborhood have been closed to keep the area clear for fire crews. but they are not expected to cause delays. no firefighters were injured. just a couple of police officers were redwood city had to be checked out for possible smoke inhalation. we still don't know what caused this fire. in redwood city, jackie ward, kpix 5. right now, roads are close leading to the part of yosemite national park where rock falls have spelled tragedy this week. an incident that sparked injuries yesterday happened
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near the same spot of el capitan where granite broke free wednesday killing a man. kpix 5's anne makovec has the details. reporter: yesterday's rock fall was even larger than wednesday's. this all comes at the peak of climbing season for el capitan. we now know the identity of the british tourist who was killed on wednesday. 32-year-old andrew foster of wales and his wife were hiking at the bottom when a chunk of granite 12 stories tall broke free and fell. foster died. his wife is still in the hospital. climbers said the latest rock fall happened in nearly the same location as wednesday's and was at least three times as large. the smoke and dust filled the entire valley below. one man was injured and airlifted to the hospital. and we heard the story from his wife. >> something came through our sunroof but we didn't know it was close. we didn't know it was coming, you know, what had happened. but it shattered. and the dust just poured in. >> glass went flying from the sunroof.
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>> so we were trying to outrun it. it was like go, let's go! and at the same time, my husband reached up and he was, like, oh, my head, my head! because it was bleeding profusely and hurting. >> reporter: no word on his condition this morning. but this is the most popular time of year for people to come from around the world to climb the walls. rock falls happened about 80 times a year in that area. natural force of gravity, it can be dislodged by a myriad of factors including water, erosion, earthquakes and vegetation growth. more about that in the next half-hour. the trump administration is working to overcome several obstacles in post-hurricane puerto rico to help the island recover. on twitter, the president called puerto rico but devastated first responders are doing their best. 7,000 u.s. troops are trying to restore power and give out clean water and food. officials say their efforts are
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paying off but blocked roads are making it tough to get supplies from the ports to the people. >> the relief effort is under control. it is proceeding very well. >> there's still a shortfall there, though, and that is drivers for all those trucks. so we are pushing personnel in to augment state and local authorities to push the commodities. >> homeland security says that 51 of the island's 69 hospitals are open. the president will go to puerto rico on tuesday. the 49ers are so fed up with the city of santa clara's concert curfews, they are doing away with week night shows altogether. in a letter to the city, 49ers president al said next's coldplay show will be the last week night concert at levi's unless they loosen up on the 10 p.m. curfew. the council is split on the issue. >> i don't understand why our city council is making such an issue of this other than out of pure vindictiveness against the 49ers. >> this is not political. you're here to do the right
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thing on behalf of the neighbors that are really impacted by this stadium. >> the 49ers say the city stands to lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every year the curfew stays in place. nfl players' demonstrations during the national anthem appear to be taking a new turn. on thursday night football in wisconsin, the green bay packers and chicago bears didn't kneel but linked arms. there was mixed reaction from the fans. some chanted usa. some held their hands over their hearts a few linked arms. the president criticized players who knelt during the anthem saying it was disrespectful. >> i saw this a year ago with kaepernick and i said, this is a terrible thing. i thought it was terrible. >> the president said that some of his friends are team owners in the nfl. he says they are reluctant to crack down on their players. today governor brown is expected to sign some bills aimed at addressing the state's lack of affordable housing. jessica flores is live in
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alameda with details. reporter: good morning, michelle. here in alameda, like in many communities across the bay area, residents here are feeling the effects of the housing crisis. in fact, the city polled residents here and found that 73% of those polled found that housing was a serious problem. now governor brown today in the bay area tackling this issue. he is making a major step one of the biggest steps in california so far to help address the growing problem. he is signing a package of 12 bills that will help increase affordable housing in the state. one bill will put a measure on the ballot asking voters to decide on a $4 billion affordable housing bond. under a second bill, there will be a $75 fee on real estate transaction documents so that bill alone is expected to increase revenue by 2 to $300 million. other bills will cut some of the red tape to help speed up affordable housing construction. but, of course, it will be years before californians could see some relief.
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it's estimated there's a shortfall of more than a million affordable houses in the state. now, the governor will be in san francisco today at 11 a.m. he will have the most expensive city, one of the most expensive cities in the country, as a backdrop as he signs these bills. reporting live in alameda, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now is 5:08. first a high-speed bay area chase. then a carjacking. see how the wild chain of events finally came to an end. >> plus, spacex's ceo elon musk set to unveil a potential rocket to revolutionize travel not just on mars but here on earth. >> that's so cool! okay. speaking of cool, a definitely cooler day across the bay area. i'll talk about how today's temperatures are going to affect your weekend. >> and right now, we are tracking speeds in the green along 242. but reports of a new hit-and- run crash. will this impact your ride? find out coming up.
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police started tailing the man in castro valley yesterday afternoon. th check out this chase in the east bay. police started tailing the man
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in castro valley yesterday afternoon. the driver blew through red lights and dodged on coming traffic, got stuck in hayward. chopper 5 followed him jumping from the suv to the convertible telling the driver of the car to drive but police eventually surrounded them about a mile away. >> i pulled over because i didn't want to be involved. >> did the guy try to beat you up? >> he tried to tell me to go. step on it. i didn't. >> the victim was driving the bmw for the car dealership he works for. it has major damage but no one was hurt. the suspect hit another car during the ordeal. he was arrested and his name hasn't been released yet. a student is recovering after being stabbed by a classmate at an east san jose high school. it happened yesterday morning behind the gym at overfelt high. school leaders kept students inside classes as police
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arrived. the district superintendent says his staff who saw the crime happen acted swiftly. >> some of the staff members kind of just got around the two suspects and they did not put up a fight so i applaud their efforts and they did an amazing job. >> there was not a school resource officer on campus at the time of the stabbing. the superintendent says ever since the san jose police department has dealt with a shortage, they have not had an officer at the school consistently. tesla and spacex chief elon musk is unveiling updated plans to colonize mars along with a smaller reasonable rocket designed to go to the red planet. the same rocket will take people from los angeles to london in just 32 minutes. [ applause ] >> elon musk the billionaire founder of spacex unveiled incredible plans this morning introducing a future rocket that could travel throughout our solar system and also potentially revolutionize transportation here on earth. >> what if you take that same ship and go from one place to
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another on earth? you can get to most places in a half-hour. >> reporter: take a look at the big falcon rocket flying at a maximum speed of 18,000 miles per hour. he says it will transport humans anywhere on this planet in under an hour for around the same price as an economy airline ticket. the tech mogul also announced new details on his plan to colonize mars. this slide shows what he managed a mars community would look like. >> i can't think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars. >> they plan to send two cargo ships to the red planet in 2022 to find water and place power, mining and life support infrastructure. >> complete the trip and be ready for launch in about five years. five years seems like a long time to me. >> reporter: in 2024 is the first manned mission to mars. the redesigned rocket will be reusable hold 100 people and include common areas, a galley and solar storm shelter. one big question, the cost of the 140 million-mile trip.
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last year musk said it would be about $200,000 a ticket. and musk says that the reusable rockets will help drop the cost of flights dramatically. spacex says that construction of the first ship begins next year. >> i can't wait to see what happens in 10 years. >> it's happening. >> it's happening right now! >> crazy. all right. 5:15 right now. jaclyn, luckily now we still have cars on the road, not in the air just yet. >> that's right. that will be one heck of a traffic report! right now, we are tracking speeds in the green on 101 through san jose. this is right near north first street and this is a 20-minute ride from hellyer to san antonio northbound. we are getting reports of a grass fire right near 101 in that 280/680 interchange. fire crews heading to the scene. if you see flames or smoke, that's what's going on and fire crews are aware of that. no delays as of yet. so this doesn't appear to be impacting your morning commute. southbound 242 right near
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solano way we have reports of a hit-and-run crash. no longer blocking lanes. it's over on the shoulder. your ride heading along the eastshore freeway still looking good. we are seeing a few slowdowns on richmond parkway over to the richmond/san rafael bridge. and interstate 80 is in the green all the way to the maze. no delays. can we call it "friday light" heading into san francisco? yes! 10 minutes from the maze to 101. let's check in with roberta on the forecast. >> don't go away, jaclyn. you see this here? that's your makeup on my glass. >> that's not my -- >> i saw your hand. >> that's your makeup! how did it get there? i'm confused. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. let's take a look at this. it's our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge this morning. you can see a little stratus in the foreground there. here's our view from the transamerica pyramid. we can see the beautiful bright lights of the port of oakland where we have clear skies at 59. otherwise, the coast is socked in. san jose clear at 60. 53 and clear in santa rosa. currently the winds are
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onshore. it's a west wind at 12 in san francisco. 14 at sfo. inland, that onshore "pushhhh" has yet to move that far at least a good 40, 45 miles. so even though you're going to see a cooldown today, it's going to happen later this afternoon when the winds increase out of the west and northwest 10 to 20. okay, this is really interesting. this is our satellite-radar. these clouds are all associated with the dry cold front. sure it has a little bit of precipitation associated with it but bulk of the energy to the north of us is in the pacific northwest and all this begins to evaporate and a very dry air mass as it moves towards northern california. it is enhancing our marine layer so clouds at the coast, temperatures coming down, cooler ocean breeze today for most of the bay area. temperatures stay near normal over the weekend and then 10 degrees cooler next week for fleet week. 67 degrees -- i heard that wahoo over there! yeah, the sailors are coming to town! [ laughter ] >> 68 degrees in the greater
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lake tahoe area. otherwise, today locally numbers 60s and 70s and 80s out of the 90s inland. 81 santa rosa. 81 san jose. that's just a couple of degrees above average. san francisco should be at 70 but, instead, 67. the extended forecast repeat performance saturday, warmer sunday then we begin to see that cooldown next week. we have so much going on this weekend including the moon festival this weekend in san francisco's chinatown. 67 degrees. castro street fair this is so much fun! this weekend lots of sunshine in the 60s. and tonight the san francisco, um, giants they wrap up their regular season with the padres, 62 degrees, partly cloudy skies. michelle, we should hit the ballpark this weekend because that's it. the baseball is over here in the bay area. >> okay, let's go! are you buying tickets? >> sure. i'll do it. you buy the hot dogs. >> perfect! >> a match made in heaven. roberta, thank you. here's a new challenge taken up on social media to
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raise funds for the victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico. the idea came about after a median appeared on the late show with stephen colbert. all you have to do is post a photo of yourself during your awkward teen years with the hashtag, puberme. he vowed to make a donation from his america dream fund toward hurricane relief for every celebrity that participates and promised to match the donations. beyonce is also helping raise funds for hurricane victims and the victims of the earthquakes in mexico. ♪[ music ] >> the pop star dropped her first single yesterday since giving birth in june. she announced that proceeds from the track will go straight to hurricane and earthquake relief charities. her husband jay-z also announced his streaming service title has launched its own initiative to bring much-needed supplies to puerto rico. i wish you could see all the dancing in the studio right now. good moves! missouri bar owner has some
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new doormats that will probably make any bay area sports fan livid. check it out. it's a colin kaepernick jersey and marshawn lynch taped to the floor as floor mats. people complained saying they are a call for violence against the players. the owner says the jerseys are there to protest the nfl players who are kneeling during the national anthem. christmas comes early for the a's skipper. i'm dennis o'donnell. and why the mother of one of the denver broncos will be pulling for the raiders instead of her son's football team. reaction coming up. and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at cools, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. play o' the day from major
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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the a's gave bob melvin a one-year extension keeping him in oakland through the 2019 season and that has jim harbaugh pretty excited about his old friend b o-mel. mel vince and the a's beginning the final series of the season. in texas in the fifth chapman breaks a scoreless tie with his 14th homer of the year. the a's are 4-1 winners. they have won nine of the last
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eleven games. on sunday the raiders and broncos will renew one of the best rivalries in the nfl a rivalry that apparently goes against the saying that blood is thickerren that water. dj anderson will play against his childhood team on sunday but the vallejo native and cal alum says his mom is still a raider fan and this weekend will root for the opponents. >> it's tough. my mom goes every time. you know, she criticizes me but every time she goes but you know i'm a raiders fan, i love son, but it's my raiders. it hits home when it comes to my mom. >> lightning delayed last night's packers-bears game for 47 minutes. and after the skies lit up, green bay quarterback aaron rodgers lit up chicago. the former cal bear threw four touchdowns, two of them to nelson. the packers win 35-14, 3-1. raiders and broncos kick off
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sunday at 1:00 right here on kpix 5. afterwards, the "5th quarter" and sunday night, my special guest jonny miller on game day. have a great weekend, everybody. play of the day from major league baseball. the defending champion chicago cubs taking on st. louis. >> thethe 1-1 pitch. flyball out to center, will it carry? it is caught! it's caught! and with the catch, the final nail in the coffin for the cardinals play-off hopes. >> everything going the cubs' way including this catch. chicago's martin with the big catch in the 11th inning to keep the 2-1 win and with that the cubs win the national league central division. this house fire may be out but firefighters remain on scene to make sure it stays that way. we'll show you the intense flames that ripped through this house.
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>> reporter: a second more massive rock fall in yosemite. the latest injury just one day after a man was killed.
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whole foods breached... where ckers obtained information on customers.. inside the grocery store. now on kpix 5 news this morning, whole foods breached where hackers obtained information about customers inside the grocery store. >> and a push for affordable housing. local lawmakers joining forces to help address the state's housing needs. >> the coast is not so clear this morning. the fog and the impact on your weekend, the details coming up. >> say good-bye to "friday light." the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. how far does the backup stretch? we'll tell you coming up.
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good morning, it is friday, september 29th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. new this morning, redwood city firefighters are closely monitoring a home that shot up in flames overnight. jackie ward reports from the scene. reporter: the fire has been out for about five hours. but members of the redwood city fire department remain on scene. theroux todaying in and out of here to make sure this house is constantly being monitored because they are looking for hot spots and flare-ups. this is what the fire looked like just after 10:30 last night at a multilevel home on crompton road. thankfully, no one was home at the time. members of the redwood city and woodside fire departments were able to contain the flames and avoid them from spreading to nearby homes. apparently a power line came down in the back of the home during this. but fire crews were still able to get the fire under control in about an hour and 10 minutes. some local roads are still
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closed but there shouldn't be any traffic delays. no one was injured during the fire including firefighters. just a few police officers were redwood city are being checked out for possible smoke inhalation. and the cause is under investigation. in redwood city, jackie ward, kpix 5. two inmates who escaped from a minimum security prison in dublin three weeks ago are back in custody. 33-year-old anna armstrong and 37-year-old irene mitchell were deported back to the u.s. after being arrested in tijuana, mexico. the pair walked away from federal correctional institute on september 4th. they were both serving sentences for drug trafficking. u.s. marshals worked with mexico's police department to find armstrong and mitchell. right now, roads are closed leading to the stretch of yosemite national park where falling rocks have proved deadly this week. an incident thursday that sparked injuries happened very near a spot of el capitan where a man died wednesday after a rock fall. kpix 5's anne makovec joins now
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with key concerns at this point. reporter: yesterday's rock fall was even larger than wednesday's. this all coming at the peak of climbing season for el capitan. we now know the identity of the british tourist killed on wednesday, 32-year-old andrew foster of wales. he and his wife were hiking at the bottom of el capitan when a a large piece of rock fell on them. the smoke and valley filled the valley below. one man yesterday was injured and took to the hospital. hundreds of climbers and tourists saw it. >> i looked up and saw 200 feet of rock come off the wall and explode on the ground about 1,000 feet below. >> basically five times as loud as any thunder. >> reporter: geologists say rocks can be dislodged by
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several factors including water, erosion, earthquakes and vegetation growth. yosemite valley was carved by glaciers and rock falls happe 80 times a year. >> they come down in a natural process. >> reporter: this map from the national park service shows the documented rock falls in yosemite valley from 1857 to 2011. there's plenty of them. and if you are heading to yosemite this weekend, check for the latest road closures before you go. at last word, northside drive exiting yosemite valley is closed. officials had reopened the roads the next day after the first rock fall but no word on if they will be as quick to do so this time. we know that the rockslides happen quite often but it's still really scary to see considering a lot of people have been in the area. >> aren't you going there shortly? >> next week, yeah. i'm not going to be hiking there. i'll stay away from there. so we have big changes in
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the forecast. we have the fog returning to the bay area. we can still see coit tower. the fog is higher this morning than 24 hours ago. it's not penetrating the bay. temperatures 53 in santa rosa, 60 san jose. see the clouds in the northwestern portion of the state of california? that's a dry cold front. it's producing a little bit of light precipitation throughout the pacific northwest. it's evaporating quickly. a few high clouds from time to time. that's about it. mostly sunny skies. fog lifts along the coast but it will be cooler in the 60s. 70s common across the peninsula today then we soar into the low to mid-80s across the santa clara valley. 75 degrees in milpitas back through alviso. east bay numbers stacking up to 84 in throughout the tri-valley as well as brentwood, tracy, oakley and discovery bay. 60s around 70s a few low 80s in
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the north bay and upstream we go to mostly sunny sky, 80s in clearlake. a full weekend forecast coming up at 48 after the hour. right now, we are tracking metering lights. they are on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see everyone taking off as they make their way into san francisco this morning. the backup will definitely be beyond the west grand overcrossing stretching towards the 880 overcrossing but not quite to the foot of the maze yet. speeds in the yellow. your ride along the eastshore freeway not too bad. speeds remain in the green just below the limit. 60 miles per hour. that's your cruising speed. headlights at the golden gate bridge southbound into san francisco. richmond/san rafael bridge a few cars in the cash lanes backing up but otherwise easy to 101. san mateo bridge crowded westbound on the right side of
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your screen. just under 15 minutes for drivers between 880 and 101. new this morning, at least 22 people are dead and 32 injured after a stampede on a pedestrian bridge in mumbai, india. investigators are looking into what caused this stampede on a staircase of the bridge. the bridge links two commuter railway stations. back here in the bay, an arrest in a hit-and-run that left a 3-year-old boy with brain injuries. the suspect is a receptionist at friends auto repair in richmond. authorities say that the 19- year-old girl borrowed a customer's red smart car and then hit geronimo perez a few blocks from the shop. the 3-year-old boy. instead of stopping, they say that the woman slowly drove around and then fled. the damage to the car was so minor that the owner didn't notice until el cerrito police pulled over the owner in the morning. we spoke to one of the suspects' coworkers. >> is there anything you can say about the woman herself as a worker as an employee, good
5:37 am
employee? >> i cannot say anything about her. i can't put her on a scale and judge her. that's not what we do. >> the three-year-old boy is in the hospital. he had brain surgery and is in critical but stable condition. whole food shoppers, check your bank accounts. the grocery chain says payment card information was stolen from customers who made purchases in taprooms and restaurants. they use different pay systems than checkout counters. whole foods says it has launched an investigation into the hack. it's not clear how many customers may be affected. governor brown is expected to make some moves today in hopes of easing california's affordable housing shortage. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live from alameda with more on a series of bills he is expected to sign. jessica. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. folks here in alameda and like many people in different communities across the bay area, they are feeling the pain from the housing crisis. in fact, this city surveyed
5:38 am
residents and found that 73% found that the housing issue was a major problem here in this city. now, governor brown plans to tackle this problem for the entire state today. he will be in san francisco signing a series of bills a package of 12 bills. the goal is to help increase affordable housing in the state. it's one of the biggest steps the state took to address the growing problem. one bill would put a measure on the ballot asking voters to decide on a $4 billion affordable housing bond. under a second bill there will be a 75 bill on real estate transaction documents to increase revenue up to $300 million. other bills will cut some of the red tape to help speed up affordable housing construction. but it could be years before californians find any relief because it is estimated that in california there's a 1.5 million shortfall of affordable housing units. now, the governor is going to be in san francisco later today. he will use one of the most expensive cities in the country
5:39 am
as a backdrop as he signs these bills. reporting live in alameda, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. today president trump will promote the plan for a sweeping rewrite of the tax code by addressing manufacturers in washington. the administration says trump will promote the tax plan as one that will help make american businesses more competitive. this week the president and congressional republicans released the outlines of a nearly $6 trillion tax cut plan. the president want to sign it into law by the end of the year. health and human services secretary tom price is paying back his private jet travel. price is paying $52,000 and promising to fly commercial from now on. the moves following growing criticism even from president trump over why he avoided public flights. still some estimates suggest the actual cost of his private jet travel is $400,000.
5:40 am
clothing with a kick. hena doba of has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. tech and drug companies pushed stocks higher yesterday. the dow was up 40. the nasdaq flat. more than one in four americans is carrying credit card debt that's according to a new survey. says 43% of those carrying a balance have done so for at least two years. the research also found that higher earners and those with college degrees are more likely to have credit card debt in part because they are offered more credit. taco bell is teaming up with forever21 to make your fall wardrobe saucier using body suits, hoodies all inspired with spicy sayings with spice and graphics. >> we'll keep an eye on the sales numbers for those articles of clothing. hena, it's national coffee day! >> reporter: you know, i have to tell you here on wall
5:41 am
street, a lot of people are talking about it. that means some caffeinated deals this morning in some cases free coffee. free cups of coffee from various retailers around the area. >> thank you. time now 5:41. hollywood still mourning the loss of the original playboy now some wonder what's next for the mansion. >> plus, the cost of working in the sky. some flight attendants say their uniforms are making them sick!
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good morning. time check, 5:43 on this friday. you can see in the background some fog. fog is lingering along the coast and pushing into the bay and we'll have a big impact on
5:44 am
your friday as well as your weekend. full forecast in less than four minutes. fresno police are honoring a man who thwarted a robbery at a starbucks off highway 99. the 59-year-old saw a crime taking place. he grabbed a chair and hit the suspect with before getting into a brawl with the man. >> craig is an american hero. he is somebody that i deeply admire. somebody that went well above and beyond the call of a citizen and did something that i believe very, very few people in this world would have done. >> the suspect 30-year-old michael flores is in custody. he had a knife and a fake gun. hugh hefner's death this week has created an uncertain future for the most famous party house in the world. for decades, the playboy mansion attracted the biggest
5:45 am
names in hollywood. and now the property's fate is in the hands of its current owner, darren, who lives next door. hefner sold the mansion last year for $100 million but continued to live there until his death wednesday. >> everyone with a name has been there, celebrities. but every big name that you can imagine. >> the owner plans a party at the playboy mansion to honor hefner's life. the company behind new american airlines uniforms is being sued by pilots and flight attendants who claim that the clothing is making them sick. flight attendants say that the uniforms issued last year have made their throats and necks burn and causing styes and voice loss. american airlines workers claim they had no pre-existing conditions before the uniform change. american no longer works with the company behind these
5:46 am
clothes but airline employees still want new uniforms that don't derail their workdays. >> they are fearful if they put out they have any symptoms they will lose their ability to operate as a pilot. >> i dread going to work. it feels like russian roulette sometimes. i don't know how sick i'm going to be. >> in a statement, twin hills says absolutely no evidence has been presented linking reported symptoms to our uniforms. the company won a similar suit presented by alaska airlines employees. >> let's think about weather and traffic. traffic scary? >> not so much. >> it has been this week. we're okay but nothing to write home about. of a live look at 80, those headlights westbound past the metering lights over at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see flashing lights on the left side of the screen. emergency crews on the scene. we had reports of a crash
5:47 am
blocking a lane but it's cleared to the shoulder. you're good to go. no unusual slowdowns. metering lights are on. so traffic is backed up to about the foot of the maze at this point. it's a slow ride into san francisco. a few more brake lights joining the friday morning commute for drivers along westbound 4 out of antioch into hercules. right now, travel time is under 20 minutes from loveridge to 680. through walnut creek starting to get crowded and westbound 580 headlights moving towards 680. you can see just a very full crowded ride but no accidents or stalls. an easy drive for your friday morning commute. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. at coit tower you can see a little stratus. clear at sfo. but as previously mentioned, behind coit tower i'm seeing
5:48 am
some shallow clouds that are drifting in from the seashore. the winds have been fluctuating all over the place with a west onshore flow to the northwest. this is the tail end of a cold front. it's a dry cold front. actually has a little bit of light precipitation associated with it. but our air mass has been so dry with the offshore push, that the precipitation is drying up as soon as it banks up again a ridge of high pressure. so there's the core of the center of low pressure. there we have the front of the we have some rain showers to the north of the bay area. the bottom line is with this dry cold front it's encouraging our marine layer to thicken up each day. we'll see a cooler ocean breeze covering the bay area. temperatures close to average and then we begin to see a
5:49 am
decline in numbers each week. currently 31 in the high sierra. if you are camping or biking, be mindful of the temperatures below freezing overnight. clouds this morning and then sunshine in monterey bay. sunshine in fresno through the 90s. around the san francisco bay area temperatures close to where they should be for this time of the year. average high 70 in san francisco. instead we're forecasting 67 degrees. low 80s from san jose through the rose garden district, willow glen, cupertino, campbell through sunnyvale. low 80s in santa rosa through healdsburg. there you have the average temperatures over the weekend. slightly warmer on sunday then we begin to see it cooler next week. moon festival in chinatown in the 60s. castro street fair. giants play the padres. did you know that matt cain's
5:50 am
last game is tomorrow? how about that? i think he is like the longest running giants player? right? he has been here since 2006? enjoy your weekend. time now 5:50. the not so subtle dig the warriors took at the city of oakland after paying the tab for their championship parade. >> and google wants more space for housing. why a south bay city says no more.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
championship parade. the ci the warriors have agreed to foot the entire bill for last summer's nba championship parade. the city of oakland says it's grateful the team made good on their promise. the $786,000 bill offsets all taxpayer costs for police, fire and public works staffing. the warriors say that's more than double the initial estimate but they will pay it out of good will towards the city. the team says: oracle arena & on warriors dot com tress and entrep and some good news for fans in an hour, the new jerseys will be on sale at the warriors team store at oracle arena and on actress and entrepreneur eva longoria was in san francisco to talk about
5:54 am
diversity in tech. she spoke at a women's empowerment luncheon benefiting her foundation. it teaches girls coding and robotics so they can get jobs. currently only 3% of latinas are represented in "stem" fields in the country and she hopes to introduce more young people to math and science fields early on. >> to women who say i may not fit the mold, what do you say to those who are discouraged? >> i think once women are exposed to the vast amount of industries within the tech world, there's many different avenues you can go. you don't have to be a programmer. >> new studies found that over 5 years the number of latina-owned businesses in the u.s. grew by 87%. google is giving an ultimatum to its home city of mountain view. the city has been working with the tech giant trying to get it to add housing to the north
5:55 am
bayshore area but city council members were surprised at tuesday night's council meeting when a google representative said the company wouldn't agree to build new housing unless it got a deal for 800,000 square feet of new office space. >> but i have told them all along that -- that we're trying to -- we aren't just trying to solve the traffic problems. we are trying to solve the housing crisis to. >> some neighbors in the nearby mobile home park are concerned google may eventually try to buy their park. a home in redwood city gets destroyed from a fire late last night. fire crews remain on scene to make sure nothing flares up. >> plus, ice sweeps through the bay area! how many undocumented immigrants were arrested?
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
flaring back up. and: a second.. more massive in yosemite.. t up in flames.
5:59 am
the work under way to keep an overnight house fire from flaring up. >> and a second more massive rock fall at yosemite national park. the steps the park is taking right now to protect hikers. as much as some people want us to shut up and play football, um, and keep the politics to politics, sports and politics have always intersected. >> green bay packers star aaron rodders talks about his team's decision to link arms during thursday night football. good morning. it's friday, september 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. it's been some week for commuters. so far, we're okay. we have our normal slowdowns and a few incidents but nothing like we have been tracking this week. so you can handle it. if you are getting ready to go out now expect delays on northbound 101. we have reports of a grass fire in that area and fire crews are
6:00 am
on the scene and they have one lane closed along northbound 280 just past 101 there. but we are seeing the usual slowdowns along northbound 101 from hellyer to san antonio. it's just under a 30-minute ride for commuters heading in that direction. the rest of your south bay ride problem-free. heading along the peninsula, 101, 280, both moving at the limit. no delays if you are heading over to sfo. your ride along 101 looking good. speeds are in the green in both directions. san mateo bridge getting crowded. 14 minutes between 880 and 101. that's your traffic. let's check in with roberta for the forecast. >> good morning. time check now 6:00 straight up. we have fog at the coast. haven't heard a foghorn in a while this morning. livermore 54. clear sant a


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